Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Story

This is a story about some characters in my life….Hope and Joy. These are not people or animals, just characters. Hope was always in my life, I think she was born the day I was. Then when my Dad got cancer and past away, Hope left. She didn’t stay away too long however. She came back, was there and always gave me……well, hope.

Joy was always a constant in my life. She may have flitted out here and there, but just briefly. She was a true friend.

Then, around a year and a half ago, our son Ryan got sick. Hope was there, she was there until the very end. My hope was that Hope would give us a miracle. She did not. This time when she left, she took Joy with her. Hope has not come back, not sure if she will. Joy has flitted in and out for very brief times since then, but she doesn’t stay long because Sadness is always visiting. Joy doesn’t like Sadness, so Joy leaves.

There is another character in my life, Trust, or a.k.a. Distrust. He is kind of tricky. I guess you could say sort of illusive or even sometimes magical. Sometimes just when you think he is a true blue friend, and you know him inside and out, he throws some smoke up into the air, and poof, like a magic act, he is gone. You can’t count on him.

There are other characters if my life of course, but right now I felt compelled to write about these, putting them out there, not hiding them or keeping them a secret.

That’s all.



  1. And then there is Love. Love is all around you and will never leave. Love is in your Grandchildren, and your Son Wade. Love is there in your Mother, and your Sisters, especially this old Sister of yours, unconditionally, forever, and in Ken, always in Ken. We love you and want you to know that your despair is shared by those who love you.

  2. Janna
    I know too well the story that you tell. yes there is love.
    and friendship, dreams that joy and hope will return and stay.
    Trust me it will get better glad that you are talking about it.
    I love you.
    and Am there for you.