Sunday, March 20, 2011

Published :)

I am thrilled to have my little teacup book published in The Stamper's Sampler.  The very first thing that I ever submitted many years ago was also published by the magazine, was on the front cover and was also a tea theme.  This time it was a template challenge and the teacup shape was the template.  I cut five teacups from chipboard and made it into a book.  The magazine will be in the stores April 1st, no fooling! :)


  1. Beautiful job as always. Congratulations once again!!!!! Love you..Charlene

  2. First..glad to have found your blog..I love to look at the tag tues entries...this little book is so cute- where did u get the template for the cup and how do u cut it from the chip board? I am your newest follower! tfs!

  3. congrats . I have that issue...what a great teacup :)