Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Beginning of My New Stamp Room

Here's the dirt...literally!  The hole is dug now for the foundation.  Today was the addition of gravel which was pounded in with some sort of "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" piece of equipment, and soon the forms will be put down and the foundation poured.  Now, we just need our coastal weather to cooperate!!  This began with an "off the cuff" suggestion in some conversation the hubby and I were having and he decided it was a good idea, so plans began for the addition of my new stamp room.  It is being built right off of our bedroom with french doors leading the way.  I will post the progress as we go.  I have had soooo many ideas for colors and design.  If you have a great suggestion please leave me a comment.  Currently I have several of the roly carts with the rainbow colors of drawers, so I will probably still use those, however I would like to put in some countertop too.  I also have shelves that my husband Ken built for me that are overflowing with stamps, those will go in there also but I will have to find a way to display some of the stamps elsewhere or in drawers cause there are way too many on the shelves.  One last thing, my favorite color is red and I am thinking of painting at least two of the walls that color. 

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  1. What fun that will be...looks like a BIG job ahead.....I have a link on my blog list that is called "crafty storage" is a blog of nothing but craft rroms.....lots of beautiful posts with fantastic might want to take a peek for ideas!