Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Homemade "Clip it Up"

Found the idea for this via "Scrapbook Rooms" on Facebook in a video that someone posted.  There is a video on You Tube of how to make it, but you really don't need much instruction.  It is just made out of a revolving shoe rack from Walmart.  It comes with 3 racks, but I only used two.  You just alter planter trays to put inside the baskets and then you can fill those up with whatever you want also.  The clips are found at JoAnn's or a similar craft store and are the Darice brand.  They are found in the beading/jewelry section.  They come in packs of around 25 for $3.99 and I forgot to take my coupons with me dang it!


  1. This is just so clever. Glad I got to see it. And your room is getting closer to being done!! Hooray!!!!

  2. How did you attach the clips? I can't remember. Love ya! How's the room coming? Our week there was so much fun. Thanks for being a part of it.