Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Very Special Visitor Has Arrived!!

How honored I am to be a week-long recipient of one of fourteen of The Amazing Traveling Bracelets of Positive Energy and Good Karma that are traveling the world.  The bracelet that is visiting me is called The Aboriginal Bracelet, or Abi for short, and arrived in the mail yesterday.  I will keep it for a week before sending it on to the next lucky person, whoever that may be.  If you are reading this in the next day or so and you live outside of Oregon and would like to be considered for a visit from Abi, please e-mail me.  You can read all about this at
We decided to make the best of the somewhat good weather we were having today and do a little sightseeing around town with Abi.  First stop after our "welcome sign" was the beautiful Yaquina Head Lighthouse.
If you click on the photos, they will enlarge for a better look.
Do you spot Abi in the photo above?
Here she is!
It's a very beautiful setting where this lighthouse is and interesting as well.  The holes and such that the water has created in the lava flows is pretty cool.
After the lighthouse we were off to the the bayfront.  Newport has a real working bayfront with a nice sized fleet of fishing vessels.  We also have a large population of sealions.  We had to show Abi!

Now time to go back home, I have stamping to do!  Of course I had to introduce Abi to my stamping studio.  I'm pretty sure she hasn't hopped around in one of those yet!
She had her very own place of honor on one of the shelves!

Time to get some stamping done!  Today I finished up the Halloween cards for the grandkids.  These made me smile, I just loved putting the little googly eyes on them.  It gave them such personality!

After the cards were finished up, I had a gift to get wrapped, so I stamped up this gift box to put it in.  Fitting for a fall birthday, don't you think?

Whew!  Abi and I have had a busy day today!  It's back to work tomorrow :(
Here I am wearing this Amazing Traveling Bracelet!  I am hoping that it brings some Good Karma to me and that I can send it off with the same and more!




  1. Hooray Abi got there safe and sound. And off you went and the adventure has begun. Beautiful photos. Have fun with Abi. Love lyou!!!

  2. I love how you totally took the bracelet around to some of the best spots on the coast!! It is sooo lovely!