Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Abi Update :)

While Abi had some fun adventures on the weekend, the work week is not as exciting, however I did take this beautiful bracelet to work with me on Monday and show it off and tell the story of the "traveling bracelets".  Here we are at work!
Today at the office Abi met some special folks.  All of these ladies have something in common with the creator of this bracelet, Sig Wynne-Evans, they have had cancer.
This spunky gal is my friend and manager at work, Mary.
Abi, in the hand of Mary near her breast cancer awareness ribbon tattoo.
And this wonderful woman is my friend and co-worker, Joan.  She has the sweetest smile, but was not wanting her picture taken.  She didn't get her way!
When Joan was going through chemo, I made her a hat that had long braids attached.  She got a big kick out of it.  As you can see, her hair has grown back nicely!
And this fireball gal is my friend Guille.  Guille works in an office down the hall from me.  This girl can always make me laugh!! 
Abi and I made a stop on the way home from work to visit another special Mom.
All very strong women!  Fighters!!
Now, it's been a long day, I'm tired and hungry.  Time to get the hubby and go have a burger for dinner!

He went with the chili dog, and I stuck with the burger.  Both great choices at this eatery!
Abi loved the nostalgia of this place!
P.S. Happy Birthday today to my sister, Charlene!!!  Love you!
She had Abi before sending it on to me!


  1. Love your update (all but that last picture, I tried to edit it off my blog, but can't figure out how..I hate getting old!!!)

  2. That is so cool you brought the bracelet to work!! I love how everyone posed with the bracelet for you!