Sunday, October 28, 2012

Creativly Busy Weekend and Sending on the Traveling Bracelet

The rainy season has started which makes it a little easier to hunker down and spend time creating, which is mostly what this weekend has been about.  We also got in some family time visiting with our son and his family :)
First up Saturday morning was a Christmas card making event, so Abi, The Amazing Traveling Bracelet, and I were off and going.  It was quite busy, as you can see!

 And here is Mandy, who works with me, and her mom.  They looked so cute making cards together!

It is always a fun time, and we leave there with ten cards, two of each design.
And here is Abi, hanging out on the design table.  Even though we were making Christmas cards, Halloween hasn't happened yet so there were ideas available to share.
After carding making we hopped over to my favorite store, The Bee Hive!!
Abi loved it!
So glittery!


So many cool displays in this store!
Here's my friend Lisa holding Abi.  Lisa and Michele are the shop owners.  Lisa loved the bracelet!  She thought that it was so "intricate".  Abi got passed around to Lisa's friends who were here visiting and scrapbooking for the weekend.  They all thought the bracelet was beautiful!

After The Bee Hive, Ken and I headed to "the valley" for the rest of the day to get in a little shopping and visit with our son and his family.
Today, I have been busy trying to finish up some Halloween themed projects.  Got one finished, still working on the other.  Here is Halloween garland with some little vintage witches.  This was a "to go" kit that I purchased from The Bee Hive.  I decided to string the tags up and make it into a garland.

My week with The Amazing Traveling Bracelet is over.  I will be sending it on to an amazing papercrafter, Maria Cole.  Maria lives near Seattle, WA and is so excited to be the next recipient of Abi.  Maria's blog is called Paperiah.  You can click on the name to take a look.  I loved being a part of this!!  Happy travels Abi!!



  1. Janna,
    Thanks for Sharing Abi, as well you coming to the shop.your paper dolls are cute too.

  2. Hoppy Halloween, so Abi is on to the next part of the journey. Loved your story. (Yes I meant to say Hoppy). Love the little witches. Wish I was closer so we could make cards together, I could use a lot of help. Thanks for being part of the Traveling Bracelets Adventure!!! Love Ya!

  3. Thank you so much for sending me the bracelet, Janna!! I've had it now and it's been on a few adventures already. Sig is letting me have it through Thanksgiving. :) And thank you for the BEAUTIFUL card!! I "exclaimed with delight" when I saw it!!