Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Altered Halloween Book

The hardest part of making this book was finding just the right book to alter.  I started at a used book store where I pretty much insulted the lady who was working there, not sure if she was the owner.  I told her I was looking for a book that had like a Halloween theme, or scary, I told her I was pretty much going to ruin it and use it for an art project.   She seemed pretty offended at that idea, but pointed me in the direction of some hard bound books.  She let me know that they were all "first editions".  Not really finding what I was looking for, and I didn't look too hard, I decided it would be best if I looked somewhere else.  On my way out I let her know that I was leaving and wouldn't be ruining any of her books :)  She pointed me in the direction of the Salvation Army store next door.  Well, I found a pretty cool book in there and very inexpensive.  I then took the book out to The Bee Hive where I would be taking the class to make this altered book project, to show them my cool "find".  When I opened the book, what did I find?? It had been signed by the author, and it was a first edition!  Foiled again!!  No way was I going to "ruin" this book either!!  So back to searching.  Finally found a book, it wasn't signed, and was a cheap enough price.  The title...Along Came A Spider, just right for an altered Halloween book.  I didn't get it done in time for Halloween, but that's O.K.  My stamp room  is decorated with Halloween, Christmas and whatever other holiday decor finds it's way to the walls or shelves.

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  1. Very, very cool. i have been wanting to make another book myself. I had a gal tell me the other day that if I offered the class again she wanted to come. they really are fun to do.