Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spells, Potions and Incantations, An Altered Book

This started out as an old Reader's Digest book.
It looks a little scary and serious, 
but look again :)

I painted the real cover of the book and then waded up a piece of faux leather paper and glued it to the cover.  I sanded it to give it the worn out look.  The cover of the spine is a faux suede paper which I also sanded a bit.  I used tiny beads along the edge of the suede.

The title of the book was printed onto a cloud vellum.  I painted the frame black and dry brushed on the gold.

The Table of Contents



c+a+t spells cat

d+o+g spells dog


Love that Venom bottle!

Carter's Little Liver Pills, ever heard of those??  :)


Scary huh?  :)

Thank you for looking at my altered book.

Happy Stamping!!


  1. Thank you for telling me where I could see the book better. I personally think it is the coolest thing evah! You did an absolutely wonderful job on it.

  2. I totally forgot to tell you that I love your weinerettes! We also, have 2 adorable little girls, Maggie, who is black and tan and Penny, who is red {brn}. They are the love of my life!